Coherence for Humanitarian Relief and Development

Drawing upon insights and best practices defined during development of the policy, strategic and operational metrics, the Fostering Toolkit provides donors, UN agencies, host country governments, and local and international NGOs with actionable guidance on implementing Relief and Development Coherence.

The Fostering Toolkit provides recommendations for improving Relief and Development Coherence effectiveness. Specific processes for NGOs, government agencies and other partners, such as accessing donors’ aid mechanisms, or conducting joint planning as a precursor for defining collective outcomes and associated metrics, are laid out for stakeholders[Nm1].

The Fostering Toolkit is designed to align with the Assessment Toolkit by presenting three levels of Relief and Development Coherence activity. The Fostering Toolkit reflects the scope of analysis across three Toolkit series: Policy Guidelines, Strategic Guidelines, and Operational Guidelines. These guidelines are presented within an Excel Workbook. The Excel Workbook constitutes three worksheets presenting itemized guidelines in different domains of Relief and Development Coherence.

Policy Guidelines Toolkit

Strategic Guidelines Toolkit

Assesment Level: Policy Assessment Goals and Metrics

Assesment Level: Policy Assessment Goals and Metrics

Operational Guidelines Toolkit